How many times have you purchased something on a whim? You intended to use it, but you forget about it…& the intent never comes to fruition? How many times have you picked up a how-to-be-a-better-writer book at Barnes and Noble? Are you using it to prop up the bed? Is it sitting on a shelf? 

I hope you’re sprawled out, relaxing on a Friday evening, when you get your first #diversecharacterchallenge email. I’m not allowing you to put my advice on a shelf. It’s gonna pop up in your inbox every few hours, for three days, and reeeeeaaaaddddd you. 

Perhaps you’ll become a character you don’t recognize this weekend: someone that’s writing intently, drawing from their experiences and the folks they know, burning the midnight oil.

It’s time to cancel all of your weekend plans. We’ve got writing to do. 

You’ll receive your first email on Friday. You can expect to receive three emails, a day, for all three days. Your emails will be filled with prompts and guidance, for this weekend’s challenge. You’ll also be receiving worksheets, so you can track your progress!

I’ll be writing alongside you, this weekend. Follow my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, to see how things are going for me + the other writers!