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“Buddington’s work is millennial; youthful, fresh, focused and seriously free. She has tapped into the core of the unknown known and exposed a diagram of life so simple it’s unthinkable. It is a Basquiat painting; a Langston Hughes poem; a self-portrait of Frida Kahlo.  She has unique insight into the ‘ouch’ and ‘ahh’ moments of early 21st century relationships.  This is the subject, object, and prospect of her book of essays, Of Micah and Men: Collection of Essays on Dating. What Buddington has somehow manages to do is offer a  smoothly rough ride on the ‘D’train to the last possible stop.  As I poured through the episodes of Of Micah and Men I longed for delicacies only available when time and emotional fortitude collide; that irresistibly sweetest taboo.” –-Joe Beckett, Reviewer



“As someone who has been following Erica’s blog for a while, as well as someone who has been a fan of her poetry for years, I came to this book with a certain set of expectations–and she met them all!

The story is your classic love triangle with a nuanced “brown sugar/love jones” vibe to it. Erica allows us into the heads of these different characters in such a way that it is sometimes difficult to know who you should be rooting for as a reader. They are all so real, their motivations grounded in what is not only possible but highly probable when it comes to human interaction. By the time I reached the middle of the book, you could not have pried me away from the story.

Not only is this an excellent literary debut, it is also a notice to lovers of contemporary African-American fiction that a new voice is officially on the scene.” —Ran Walker, Author of “B-Sides and Remixes”