11225747_10100459729600401_3458012061569800949_n-1Complex Magazine called Erica Buddington “The Most Fire Teacher Ever.” 
Buddington exhibits cultural competence engaging her scholars in a way that caters to their learning styles, identities, and increases their learning capacity. 
Buddington is a career author & master educator based in Brooklyn, New York. Buddington also writes fiction and memoir that elaborates the experience of the millennial woman of color. She’s written/published four books: (Intention, Boroughs Apart, Of Micah and Men and more). She’s also an HBO Def Poet and poetry slam champion.
She left her post as Director of TRUCE Media and Arts at Harlem Children’s Zone to design and found a company that designs  culturally relevant/responsive curriculum and professional development, for scholars of color. 

She’s working on her fifth book and is plotting on ways to showcase her Cuban and Jamaican ancestry, every chance she gets.